How I Made Education My Own


Merel has been part of Sisterhood for 2 years. She enjoys writing, watching TV and coloring.

When I was in 6th grade, I constantly goofed off and didn’t want to learn. I figured since nobody else wanted to learn, I shouldn’t either. I never did my homework and I came to school just to talk to my friends all of the time. Towards the end of 6th grade, I started hearing from my teachers that if I didn’t change something about my study habits and behavior, I was going to repeat the 6th grade.

When my parents heard the news, they weren’t happy and I wasn’t happy either. I didn’t want to repeat the 6th grade because I didn’t want the 5th graders to make fun of me. I also didn’t want my classmates to make fun of me, and most of all I wanted to move on to greater things in 7th grade.

I knew something had to change. I always knew how to succeed in school, I just never cared for it. I stopped throwing my homework away, I stopped talking in class, and I spent more time on my academics than with friends. When the teacher would say something that seemed important, I would write it down. I started asking questions and doing my homework. If I had questions about the assignment, I would ask the teacher to go over it with me.

Through my hard work, I managed to get good grades but it wasn’t easy. Despite the challenges, I ended up making merit roll and I moved on to 7th grade. This experience taught me how to do better for myself and how to take the initiative to learn. Having to take notes caused me to enjoy writing more and I started writing in my free time. I started writing poetry and found that it was quite fun.  This experience gave me more confidence in my writing ability and helped me realize how important trying is to education.

Today I am a sophomore in high school and someday I hope to attend law school and practice criminal law.

By Merel Walker


2 thoughts on “How I Made Education My Own

  1. This is a great example of how we can change the course of our lives. You have learned a valuable lesson and had you not been willing to change, you would’ve had to repeat that grade! Being a leader sometimes means that we have to walk alone…but look at what you’ve gained in the process! Great job in conveying your experience. Keep writing and I am looking forward to your college graduation with a degree in Criminal Justice and moving on to Law school!


  2. Congratulations Merel ! You are demonstrating to your sisters and all of us that making a plan and following through works if you are determined and stick to it. Remember even when we have setbacks , and we all do , we can still succeed if we pull ourselves back together and try again. Ms. Dawn, WSCH


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