Making Friends Through Anime and Art

DD pic

Dayanara likes drawing, watching anime and talking with her friends. Her favorite food is vanilla ice cream.

I have always liked coloring and drawing; I draw characters from my imagination and come up with stories.

One day when I was 8, I saw my brother watching a new TV show. The characters didn’t look very realistic but they had different back stories that made them unique. When I asked my brother what it was he said it was anime. From then on I began to enjoy anime and watch it on my own.

I began drawing anime and creating back stories for my characters. I began drawing anime every day for hours. I liked drawing but it was really hard to draw the hands because you had to get the position right. My parents started to notice me drawing more and they said if I kept drawing, I would slowly start getting better. At school, my friends said my drawings were cool and I began to teach them how to draw.

Sometimes people tell me they don’t like anime but I tell them that anime is entertaining and you learn different things from watching it. Anime taught me that being a mean person won’t get you anywhere in life and it taught me how to make friends.DD artist

My favorite anime is Fairy Tail because the characters’ personalities and backstories make them unique. My favorite character is Erza because she’s a warrior and has different armor to fight with. I want to be like Erza because she works hard and makes new friends along her journey.

One day I want to make my own TV show to inspire others to draw anime and cartoons. I also want to entertain people and make them laugh. Through my anime I will teach people to follow their dreams and to be nice to each other. Anime and art has helped me make friends and meet new people. Learning how to draw anime has made me more confident and helped me come out of my shell.

-By Dayanara Torres


One thought on “Making Friends Through Anime and Art

  1. Dayanara, I love the fact that you teach others your talent. Not many others do this, they just go on their way to meet their own needs. This shows the character of your heart and desire for your talent to grow. Continue to be you and write great stories for the next generation to learn good principles from like you have. I’d love to see some of your drawings someday. Keep up the great work!


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