Shattering Their Expectations


Chartise is a freshman in high school and has been part of Sisterhood for 3 years. She enjoys dancing, singing and shopping.


When I was young, my mother explained to me that I will always have a sign above my head; that people will always feel as if they already know what I will accomplish. She explained that some people will feel like I am a threat to them just because I’m a black girl. She told me that some people have low expectations for black people. They believe we will drop out of high school and not be able to get a job. People expect black females to get pregnant at a young age and not graduate. My goal is to shatter these expectations.

At my school, I sense racial tension between the students and teachers. I sometimes see white students get special privileges like certain field trips or having test answers given to them.  Despite these inequalities, I am determined to succeed. In order to not get caught up in the expectations society has for black teenagers, I stay focused, prepare for tests, and keep education first. I try to be the best version of myself that I can be by getting good grades, making my family proud and being respectful.

I look forward to achieving my goal of graduating high school and eventually college with a four-year degree. I also keep short-term goals for myself which right now is to focus on the most important things in my life: my education and my family. As a black teenager, I want to see others achieve their goals and succeed. I want other black teenagers to take education seriously and no longer become what society believes we will become. I want myself and other black teenagers to destroy the expectations that society has for us and to tell our own story to the world.



One thought on “Shattering Their Expectations

  1. That’s right…shatter those twisted expectations which DO NOT define you or your destiny! You can do it! Great blog – thank you for sharing.


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