How Trump Has Affected My Life



Victoria has been part of Sisterhood for 3 years. She enjoys spending time with family and getting her nails done.

Things in my life have changed some since Trump became president. Sometimes boys in my class will tell me I’ll get deported, even though I was born in the US. Sometimes my family gets mean comments about where we’re from.


At home I’m not allowed to talk about Trump because my mom gets really upset. We had a relative get deported which made me really sad because they came to the US to have a great life and for their kids to have a great future.

Once a week in social studies class we watch the news. My social studies teacher really likes Trump. He believes that Trump is a good president and that he does his job well. When he talks about Trump in class, it makes me uncomfortable because I feel like the teacher doesn’t really care about me or my family.

I am one of the only Mexican kids in my school and I am proud to be Mexican because that is where my family came from and I love them all. Even though sometimes it is difficult to be bilingual, I am blessed and happy to know both English and Spanish. Trump doesn’t make me feel bad about being Mexican, nobody can.

If I had a chance to speak with Trump I would tell him to take his job more seriously and to learn that people can get offended by the things he says.



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