My Views on Immigration

I don’lashell pict agree with what President Trump said about Haiti and other countries in Africa. Just because Haiti and countries in Africa are less-fortunate, he shouldn’t degrade them or make them feel any less; they are still countries and they still have something to offer.  Immigrants bring the US diversity. When individuals immigrate to the US, it makes us different and gives us a variety of races in our country.

               I had a friend at my old school who came from Nigeria. She told me that she came to the US from Nigeria when she was 3. She is a very creative person who can draw very well and loves to read. She is also kind and has a great personality. Her mom and my mother were friends, and I know that her dad was a taxi driver. She also has a little brother and two little sisters. They all are nice and friendly, and they are a good family all together.

               Our current immigration system is not very fair and really expensive. I think that immigration is okay and that it should not be a problem if someone from another country wanted to come to the US. It shouldn’t be such a big issue like it is now. It shouldn’t cost that much just to immigrate to another country, and you shouldn’t need to have any special ability just to move to another country.

If I made an immigration system, it wouldn’t be as complicated as the system we have now. It wouldn’t cost much to come to the US and you wouldn’t need any type of special skills or ability to come. Of course there would be obvious things like checking criminal records and making sure illegal weapons aren’t brought in to the US.

I would say to someone who opposes immigration that I respect their opinion, but that I don’t think it’s right for you to not like someone from another country immigrating to ours. I would ask them how they would feel if they were trying to immigrate to another country and were being treated the way we treat immigrants now.

About the Author: Lashell is in her fourth year at Sisterhood. She enjoys spending time with her dogs and getting her nails done.

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