What I Wish Adults Knew About Teens



Ronnea is a freshman in high school. She enjoys dancing and spending time at Sisterhood.

The hardest thing about being a teenager is having to do well in school and also trying to fit in. I think it’s even harder as a freshman since you’re still trying to find your ‘in’ crowd. Being a teenager now is really difficult because of the events that are taking place. Our dreams are set higher and our risks are higher than it was for my parents.


I don’t think adults understand how difficult it is to be a teen in 2018. We have to worry about school shootings and if we’re even going to make it home. It’s also frustrating how much stress teachers place on students. A lot of the teachers show favoritism which makes me upset.  Pressure also takes a huge toll on our lives.

If I could change one thing about my school, it would be the grading system because not everyone can comprehend what they’re learning because of the complex system. If I could change one rule my parents made for me, it would be the no talking back rule because most of the time I have reasonable and logical arguments to refute.

If I could change one thing about how the world treats teenagers, it would be the things we learn from a young age. I would also change our parents’ expectations of what our careers should be.



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