Sisterhood Reviews: The Hate U Give

Last month we read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, the story of a young black girl named Starr who witnesses her friend Khalil get shot by a police officer.  After finishing the book, we had the opportunity to hear Angie Thomas give a speech at the Cleveland Public Library. Below are some reviews of the book and the speech.


My favorite part in The Hate U Give was when Starr stood up for Khalil after the police officer killed him. I like Starr because she was an outspoken character and a brave one too. I think teenagers can relate to this book because some teenagers have been through what Starr has been through. We need more books like this because it is a very good and relatable book. I like The Hate U Give because it is a good book and it was interesting. I feel happy because most books that I read are about white people so it feels good to read a book about my race. What I took from Angie Thomas’s speech was to never give up and follow your dreams. – Eleta


My favorite part of The Hate U Give was when Starr was at IHOP with her mom having a conversation. It showed a lot of mother-daughter bonding, and they were talking and laughing about stuff. I liked Starr as a character because she is very strong. Two of her friends died and she was still brave enough to stand up for Khalil on TV I think the book is very relatable to teenagers because it shows everything that a teenager does. I think we need more books like this because they are sad entertaining, funny, relatable, and interesting. I loved The Hate U Give because it was relatable, and it made me laugh. It also was a sad reminder that this stuff does happen to black males. I felt good reading a book about a black teenager because I am one myself and I can relate to it a lot. I hoped that Khalil would get justice, but there was a part of me that also thought he wouldn’t because that’s what usually happens in these cases. Angie Thomas’s speech was very entertaining. I learned about incidents that happened to black males that I never heard about. I liked her speech because it answered many questions I had about the book. It was also great to see what the author of the book I love was like. – Lashell


My favorite part of The Hate U Give is when Starr finally spoke out about what happened to Khalil. Starr was a determined character who was able to make a change in her community. The book relates to teenage life and how society impacts teens. I love books like The Hate U Give that keep you on the edge of your seat. The book is told from the point of view of a black teen who wanted to get justice for her friend who was wrongfully murdered. I like the fact that a black author was able to shed light on a situation that has been happening a lot in the black community. What I took away from Thomas’s speech is how hard it is for black people to overcome obstacles. I loved her speech because she was full of energy. –Ronnea



My favorite part of the book The Hate U Give was when Starr told the truth on the news about King Lord. I liked this part of the book because it portrayed the idea of being fearless, honest, and determined. I liked Starr’s character, because she was so fearless and I related to her personally. She went to a school in a suburban area, but she lived in a not so good neighborhood. I go to a school in an area that is sometimes interpreted as “ghetto” and most of my friends live in the suburbs. If I want to see them (their parents will not allow them to come to my area) I have to go to them. Starr was also in an interracial relationship and I was able to relate to that as well. I have an African American mother and a Central American father. I think we need more books like The Hate U Give because most young adult novels don’t really talk about ethnicity and we don’t have many novels that talk about police terror, and police brutality. – Merel






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