About Sisterhood

Sisterhood is an after-school and summer arts program that prepares girls ages 10 – 18 for womanhood and their life beyond. Sisterhood fosters a belief in girls’ self-worth based on their skills, unique talents, and spirituality rather than on appearance, popularity, sexuality or negative gender and racial stereotypes.

Sisterhood encourages and challenges young women to be strong and independent, to exercise self-discipline, to respect themselves and one another, to value education, and to know when and how to give help and receive it.

Girls participate in a range of cultural, educational and social programs throughout the school year. These programs aim to provide girls with the skills they need to maintain high self-esteem and reach future success. Throughout the school year, arts and creativity are interwoven into the cycles of:

  • Self-Identity
  • Social Justice
  • Arts and Technology
  • Economic Literacy
  • Health and Wellness