Poem: “N’em,” by Jericho Brown

At Sisterhood, we read a poem out of a book titled, "The New Testament," by Jericho Brown. The poem, "N'em," stood out to me being able to relate to the black traditions; it talked about how things used to be and how things are often forgotten. Being able to understand this poem and relate to … Continue reading Poem: “N’em,” by Jericho Brown


Sisterhood In Review: 2018-19

Our experience through the 2018-2019 school year of Sisterhood was truly something spectacular.  We got to meet an amazing black author named Jericho Brown and a black congresswoman named Stephanie House. Our bonds with other girls also became better this school year.  We were able to attend Cleveland Cavaliers games and a photo exhibition.  We … Continue reading Sisterhood In Review: 2018-19

Sisterhood Art Exhibition & Reading at Lakewood Arts Center

During my brief time with Miss Sequoia, my fellow sisters and I were able to create wonderful self-portraits. It was really interesting seeing the different work we all created--how people had different interpretations of each piece of art work they saw. Miss Sequoia showed us that we all can be artists--even if we believe we … Continue reading Sisterhood Art Exhibition & Reading at Lakewood Arts Center